Monday, May 5, 2008

We just can't get enough of the roping at the Palmer's! We love being out there riding horses and roping. I thought I would try it this time and it was a blast. Of course I was more worried about staying on the horse then actually catching the cow!! Steven was doing fabulous out there! He really doesn't like the cowboy stuff but he is pretty good at it. Steven is done with school this week and he is so excited. He will get his associates degree this friday and I am so proud of him for reaching this first step. We are one step closer to getting done with school! We both will go back to school in august. We have decided to stay in Pima for one more year and then we will head to ASU.


Jami said...

GIT'ER DONE kami! YOu looked great up there on that horse, rop'in that fake cow! I am alittle saddened because you aren't moving back here for so long...but it is ok. I guess your life doesn't have to revolve around me...that is ok. OH, and congrates to steven...I am SOOO proud of him. Make sure an post some awesome graduation pictures.

Mary Ann said...

YEAH! so glad you will be here another year. we love to be with you.. saturday was so fun at mom's. i love the pictures.. you learn fast!! :)

Guffy and Brittany said...

WOW Kam! I can't believe you did that, very impressive!! But what the heck?! I am SO sad you aren't coming back to Mesa. I want to see you when you come in town next!!

Chris and Ashley said...

We are so glad you will be here another year. You look like a pro on that horse. You should look into quitting school and roping for a living.

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