Sunday, September 20, 2009

We love this kid!

Here are a few more pictures of Jake!

Leslie was asked to watch Jake for 10 minutes. He started to make noises so she freaked out and tried to pick him up. She was afraid to break him! So after about 2 minutes of trying, she managed to flop him onto her chest in this position. She was so worried that she just sat like this until help got there! She is so funny! And she'll eventually make a GREAT mom!

He fell asleep like this!

The priests in our ward came over for mutual and they love Jake!

This video is of our dog, Max. He is such a wuss! Every time we start the lawn mower or weed-eater, he runs for his life! Even when he first sees them, he hides. It makes us laugh every time so we thought we'd share!

Jake is so cute when he sleeps. He makes these noises when he breathes. He does it sometimes when he is just tire too! We love this little guy!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

First walk to the post office!

Jake's sunday outfit! He looked so handsome!

My sister-in-law Tonya got him to smile for the first time! What the heck he hasn't done that for me yet!!!!!! : )

Life without music would be like life without chocolate!

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