Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Greer-Property-Camp and Boys Night!!!

Here are a few things that we have been doing the past few weeks! We bought a piece of land with my parents and we have been fixing it up and are preparing to build a duplex. I am kind of scared but it will be a fun adventure for us. We also had a boys night (plus me) with the nephews that live in Thatcher. We had a ball! I just had to put this picture on because the boys were so excited to help with dishes!! Gotta love those boys!

Steven went to be with his family up at Greer for a week. I was at girls camp and I couldn't go but he said he had a ball! They were playing pit/spoons and if you didn't grab a spoon then you had to get eyeliner markings on your face! Steven and his younger brothers were in charge of cleaning up one of the meals while at the cabin and his younger brothers had no idea how to wash the dishes without a dishwasher! So Steven showed them how and fortunatley they were able to learn!
Girls camp was very fun and I loved being able to get to know the girls better!! We stayed up in Alpine and it was beautiful up there! We have a lot of great girls and I am glad I am in young womens!

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