Monday, March 10, 2008

Do it anyway!!

Kami and I have had the hardest, most wonderful week of our lives! Our sweet baby, Aubrey has joined our family! On Thursday morning, we had another ultrasound. We were excited to find out Aubrey's progress over the last week. She was expected to be about 4 lbs and possibly breach. We brought my sister and my mom to the sonogram to show them first hand how adorable she is. Well the ultrasound tech came in and took just a few pictures and then left the room. At this point we knew something wasn't right. The doctor came in and informed us that our Aubrey had passed on. Kami was 39 weeks along. They told us that we would need to deliver as soon as possible. Later that day, Kami was admitted into the hospital. They began to iduce her at 11:00 pm and at 7:25 Friday morning beautiful, sweet Aubrey was born! (4.2 lbs 17 and 1/2 inches) She truly was beautiful! She has Kami's chin and nose and my, well, she was pretty much all Kami! Which was lucky for her! Kami did so well during labor and delivery! She was and continues to be my hero and my inspiration! We were able to keep Aubrey with us for about 7 hours. During that time, my family and her family were able to come in and see and hold her and feel of her spirit. We felt so strongly that as we held her beautiful little body, her spirit was also with us. I have no doubt that that is true. Seeing Kami hold her the way that she did confirmed to me that few mothers have ever loved their children as much as Kami loves Aubrey! Saturday afternoon, we had a graveside ceremony for Aubrey. We had planned on immediate family only being there. However, we had many close friends from Pima and Mesa show up and we were so grateful for their love and support. The ceremony was beautiful! Aubrey was and will always be an inspiration to all who knew her and knew of her. When we got back to my in-laws, after the ceremony, we (especially the gradkids) wrote letters to Aubrey and sent them to her by attaching them to balloons and releasing them. It was, as I said, the hardest, most wonderful week of our lives. I miss you Aubrey! I will never forget the time that we spent together for the 9 months you were in your mothers belly and the time we spent with you after you were born! I love you and your mom loves you! We will do all that is in our power to return to be with you for ETERNITY!

Aubrey Ruth Palmer

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Music on Blogs...

Alright, a few people have asked me how to put music on their blogs so here is how...
1. Go to
2. At the very top, click SIGN UP
3. Fill out the information with the * by it.
a. Remember your username and password
4. Some advertisement will show up. Ignore it and press "Continue to my Project Playlist account"
5. Sign in with your new username and password
6. Click on "search for music" near the top
7. Type in a song that you want
8. Results will come up (it doesn't have all songs, so don't get frustrated)
9. A play button and an add sign will appear by every result. Press play to make sure that it works (a ton don't work).
10. If it works, press the plus button to add the song to your playlist.
11. Something will pop us asking you to create a playlist. Click on it and it will create a playlist for you.
12. Continue to add as many songs as you would like (if you want to add more later, you just sign in and add it here and it will automatically add it to your blog)
13. Once you have the songs you want, click on "post my playlist" at the very top of the screen. (If it is not there, press "my account" first and then it will show up)
14. Alot of posting options show up. If you are posting to a blog, you click on the "E" option.
15. Then a page with your playlist name appears. Click on your playlist name.
16. Choose your color and other options and press "get code"
17. A window with a bunch of confusing text will appear. Copy this (either by pressing ctrl+C or copy it into a word doc or however you want to copy it)
18. Now, go to your blog.
19. Sign in and add a page element in the middle column of your blog.
20. Choose the HTML/Javascript option.
21. Paste your confusing text that you just copied from
22. Give it a title, save it, and enjoy!


I just found this website that has a few free templates and custome templates for a little dinero. Her blog is this...
Pretty cool!

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