Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Palmer's Homestead

This morning we went garage sale-ing. We expected to maybe buy a tool or two. The first thing that we saw at the first garge sale, were these trees. We have been looking for some good trees and these were perfect! Gotta love garage sale-ing. We are also very excited about our new wall! It doesn't seem like much, but we love it. It makes us want to stay here for a little while longer! (shhhhh) Sorry Reynolds & Pitts! Just kidding.

Just picture a garden between the house and the lovely chicken pen. Then some grass between the camera and the garden. Lastly, one of those new fancy trees to the right of the picture... muah!

Kami and I are debating and we want your input... in this corner, we have two options. 1) Rebuilding the nasty, tin, rotted-wood, old shed that we took down to build the wall and saving a buck. OR Buying a very reasonably priced, brand new car-smelling, stable, strong, eye-pleasing shed from home depot! Is there really a choice? Kami seems to think so, so help me out! :)

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