Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween at the Reynolds' is NEVER boring! (above)

Levi, Travis, and I went to St. Johns and build this shed for our awesome sister, Deanne (below).

Jake LOVES helping with the dishes

This is the result of no back yard!

So proud of Kami. She made these cool snowmen!

This picture seems odd, but Emily hardly ever falls asleep cuddling! She is not a cuddler at all!

Jake is laughing ALL THE TIME now and is keeping us laughing too!

Picking pumpkins in Willcox with our good friends, the Collards.

Quading on Mt. Graham... a blast!


Tracy said...

looks like you guys are having a blast!! We miss you guys!

Andy and Michele said...

What a cute, fun family! Jake's eyes are gorgeous!! Girls would die for those lashes! :) Glad you guys are doing so good. It's fun to see pics of you guys every now and then and see your family grow.

Marco Gil said...

Hahaha!!!! You look nice with the wig!!

Satterlees said...

So jealous!!!! Of everything!!!

Marco Gil said...

uuuuh!!!.... these pictures are way too old!!!! please Kami put new pictures!!
Kami, I am working in the Valley (Mesa) and maybe you can help me. I know the holidays are here and you must be very busy but I would be very happy if you could help me, maybe in January, but ONLY, just only if you have free time remember that the family is first!!!... Think about it and if you can e-mail me at
Thanks!!! God bless you!!! Marco

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